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Turning Lathe    
HBM 300x1000 CNC    

Technical data:

Swingdiameter over bed: 330 mm
Swingdiameter with open machine bed: 430 mm
Swingdiameter over Support: 178 mm
Spike amplitude: 1000 mm
Arbor admission: 38 mm
Arbor acceptance: MK 5
Range of speeds: from 70 to 2000 rotation/min.
Tapping metric: 26 styles from 0, 4 to 7 mm
Tapping inch: 34 styles from 4 to 56 movements/inch
Lengthwise chart speed: 32 styles from 0,079 to 1,291 mm/rotation
Transverse chart speed: 32 styles from 0,017 to 0,276 mm/rotation
Transverse path X-axis: 130 mm
Transverse path Z0-axis: 76 mm
Transverse path Z-axis: 860 mm
Sleeve diameter: 32 mm
Sleeve acceptance: MK 3
Sleeve transverse path: 100 mm
Motor ability: 1500 Watt 400 V
Crankshaft speed: 1420 rotations/min.
Turning machine dimension: 1900x730x1400 mm
Weight: ca. 620 kg



Machine tools

Incl. digital display

foot service break
coolant attachment
3 jaw chuck (160 mm)
4 jaw chuck (200 mm)
Faceplate – Vaste bril.
Revolving back stay and fixed back stay
Splash tank
Splash barrier
Left / right commutation
Fixed spikes
4 side turning steel holders
Set change gear
Operation tools
Lengthwise chart speed
Transverse chart speed
Temper and ground prism bed
Coping of arbores
Thread clock
Arrester on machine bed
Low noise motor
Arbour barrier
Adjustable channels